We aim to enhance the happiness of people's daily life through design and comfortable furniture.

YEEROLE is a modern furniture brand and a way of life. We manufacture every piece of furniture with high international standards - strictly selecting high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials, fine manufacturing technology, and insisting on original design, so that the furniture is fashionable, beautiful and durable,which can accompany you and your family for many years.

In 2008, YEEROLE was founded, focusing on designing high-quality furniture for customers across the United States.

In 2010,YEEROLE upgraded from designing furniture for the living room space to the whole house.

In 2011, YEEROLE's materials of the whole line of furniture have reached the environmental protection standard and obtained relevant certification.

In 2015, YEEROLE officially started online operations.

In 2019, YEEROLE's original TV cabinet was favored by 1000+ users and received wide acclaim.

In 2021, YEEROLE users will cover all 50 states in the United States, bringing home life inspiration to more people.


We cooperate with many excellent designers, not only can provide you with furniture with a sense of design, but also let the furniture show your aesthetics and personality.
In YEEROLE, you can quickly find the balance between fashion and nature. Based on our high requirements for products, the products we design and the space we build will never blindly follow the homogeneous market, nor will we only pursue visual effects, so our products will withstand the iterative changes of the times and styles.


Modern, fashionable and irreplaceable are our long-term strategies. We are passionate about creativity, and maintain abundant curiosity and enthusiasm for life, because we want to present the best parts of life to the public.
When digging out popular colors, materials, styles and other elements related to furniture, we focus on space matching, and even the environment you live in. If you want to transform your living space, YEEROLE will provide you with a wide range of choice.


Every product has gone through a long testing process. After the product is released, we will also regularly collect feedback and suggestions from customers on the furniture experience.
Whether a piece of furniture is comfortable and successful depends on the user experience, which is what we care most about. For more than ten years, we have continuously improved materials and designs, and made new attempts, so that the products can not only guarantee the sense of design, but also have a full score of comfort.


We only choose strong and durable materials to make furniture. Handmade methods, and strictly supervising every production link to ensure that every piece of furniture can be used for a long time.
In a process of continuous improvement, we've discovered that by removing harmful chemicals from our products and materials, we can also extend their useful life while being safe to recycle or reuse.

Environmentally friendly

We have a group of designers who love nature and focus on environmental protection. Since Yeerole's establishment, we have insisted on purchasing and manufacturing products in a sustainable manner, and meet international safety standards. We hope to not only bring customers a healthy and ideal life, but also achieve sustainable development of the environment.
Nature gives us inspiration for home life, so we will do our best to protect its beauty, do not use harmful materials, do not over-produce, do not waste energy, work in an environmentally friendly way, and bring positive life to more people.

For us, no matter how we perform today, there will be room for improvement tomorrow. We still hold the expectations from the beginning of our establishment, and continue to refine our design team and improve product quality, so that you can bring the lifestyle YEEROLE yearns for to your home at any time.